The world is changing, awakening and searching for connection.

Biophilic design - Naranga Ave. House

A wellness mindset is permeating consumer consciousness, affecting people’s daily decision making and real estate is considered the next frontier to be radically transformed by the global wellness movement.

We live where values of community, creativity and sustainability flourish. Where weekdays everything we need is within a short, nature filled drive - schools, shops, cafes, friends and BBQ’s... where weekends are adventures of rolling green hills and farmland, surfing little known breaks, and fishing in private nooks, while roaming through big scrub rainforest.

In Real Estate you need a trusted guide and we’re here for you.

Seriously, sometimes we have to really stop and pause, and take time to appreciate how inclusive and amazing it is to live here. Where else in Australia can you be just 2 sets off traffic lights to an International Airport, living literally on the doorstep of pristine beaches, crystal creeks, lush hinterland and productive farm gates?

With a philosophy of collective creativity, our approach at Point Realty, is an active role in showcasing our region as one of the most sought after and liveable lifestyles in the world. Our local data continues to reflect, that both price growth and demand are increasingly driven by Values, Attitudes, Interests and Lifestyles and our touch points in this regard are many.

The future

Our region is growing, on average by some 1700 new residents each year and our demographic profile is a beautiful blend of young families, professionals and active retirees. Not surprisingly more than 21% of our population, created a business with the purpose of altering their lifestyle, seeking a life well lived. Our largest employment sectors are Health Care, Professional Services. Education and Training and Construction, and one fifth of new residents are children under 14 years of age. Perhaps though, what makes the Southern Gold Coast and Tweed & Byron Coasts so special is just how open and friendly the people are. Authenticity runs deep.

Great agents know property markets are all about people. Where they live, why they live there and where they will live in the future. Our office doesn't just analyse demographics, we immerse ourselves in trend data, and in our community and we draw insight from psychographics and local market sentiment. While others are still going through the motions as transactional focused sales agents, utilising little more than vendor paid advertising, we’ve already changed the game.

The result?

In Real Estate you need a trusted guide and we’re here for you. At least one in every 10 sales facilitated in our office, is an off market transaction where we connect people to property and consistently at least 50% of all sales identify as interstate migration with family, health and wellness goals. Point Realty is a brand driven by people with purpose. Local knowledge, personal touch.