Buyers all over the country are in, increasing numbers seeking out constructed environments that contribute to and galvanise wellbeing.

Are we one of the hottest lifestyle regions in the country?

We know the real value of the land beneath our feet, is its ability to feed and nurture us. Our natural and built environments, guide us, invigorate us, rest us, seduce us and inspire us and with capital growth in the future, in property expected to be explicitly aligned with environment and design, our regional focus on delivering a sense of place and liveability is absolutely spot on because, people buy lifestyles.

Buying and selling property in our region is a privilege, and so easy when you immerse yourself in community and absolutely love where you live. It becomes more of an invitation to contribute, to share knowledge, skills and expertise, and to meet people and make connections. Social platforms certainly have a place in this business but personally I love real estate because it is so personal and predominately face to face.

When you list your home for sale with Point Realty you can relax in the knowledge we share, how we add value to your sale through experience, reputation, meticulous process, and unique marketing channels and sales systems. Every campaign we craft reflects a deep local perspective of what’s on your doorstep, providing opportunity to engage in conversation with buyers far less familiar with our setting.

It's never enough to market property on just the physical attributes of the property itself.

There is always a story to tell. During inspections; we take notice of designs that flow, spill light and invite the outside in. Homes that are flexible, adapt to changing needs and build in balance and ritual. Garden designs, energy, ecosystems, materiality, function and form. Suitability for modification, renovation and value adding… all the while considering target audience and the intimate details, your story, your journey, your best way of living in your home it’s all significant to us.

Most recently; a shared love of gardening, a conversation around privacy planting, and courtyard edibles along with a phone number for home delivery of the most amazing local honey ever, resulted in a new connection and ultimately in a property transaction. I didn’t for a second expect to sell property to that person, at that time in a social setting. A chance encounter beachside, when our kids struck up conversation playing, shows just how fluid and natural, a people first approach to property is. Our environment and mix of natural settings, spaces for social interaction, community inclusion, cohesion and resilience are in abundance and in turn these spaces create opportunity for flexible work, community collaboration, personal and professional growth with a work life balance.

By the way the best honey hands down locally (delivered to your door) is from Hugh at Life Force Honey, nestled in the beautiful hinterland of Byron Bay - @phoenixlifeforce